What awaits you is a synthesis of action, sound and adrenaline. From spectacular stunts to amazing acrobatics, the shows are nothing short of breathtaking. #MustSee

Our Highlights

Trial Show in the hall of the motofestival

Take a few barrels, a hollow, a large stone block, a wall - no matter what, nothing is safe from the trialists. It's not about speed, but about skill. Keeping your balance is the motto; if you touch the ground with your feet, you lose. At the motofestival, experienced trialists show what is possible, both on a bike and on a motorbike!

Freestyle Motocross am motofestival Bern

Vier Schweizer Fahrer präsentieren die Freestyle-Motocross-Show mit 23m langen Sprüngen auf 11m Höhe. Mit dabei sind auch Mat Rebaud, der erste Weltmeister in dieser Disziplin. Er wird auf einem Elektromotorrad unterwegs sein.

Freestyle Streetbike Motor Show at the motofestival in Bern

Not enough action? Then all adrenaline junkies can look forward to the Freestyle Streetbike Show with Domingos Arrepiado, Florian Bugs and Michael Egli. Do not miss the show!